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25 August 2011

She Bangs, She Fringe?

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Whilst on Twitter this afternoon Glamour Magazine tweeted a photo of Nicole Richie rockin'  full bangs fringe, which gave me full on hair envy!

When I was little I sported a full fringe but it looked nothing like Nicole's as you can see...
Mini Me

I go back and forth between whether I want to grow out my fringe, have side-swept fringe or none at all.  I usually opt for the side swept as I play with my hair way too much and I know my hair will never look perfectly coiffed.  If you were to see me right at this very moment, I have my hair in a top not and the front twisted up and back...pretty much its a mess right now.  Not to mention, any time I have hair in my face it drives me mental. Yet, why does seeing that photo of Nicole Richie make me want to take a pair of scissors and chop away?

Tell me ladies and gentleman (I know you are out there!) what is your opinion on fringe and what is your hair currently doing?


mollyoxox said...

i adore full on fringes, but they dont suit my face shape, believe me tried and failed;L i have got a side fringe which seems to work for me, you can tuck it behind your ear if you need to, and also have it out if you done. haha;L love your blog;)

Annoula said...

That is so cool! I want that!
/Anna from Sweden