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25 June 2011

The Brows Have It

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Ladies (and Gentlemen) lets talk about a very important topic, eyebrows. First and foremost, there should always be two of them. If they are starting to connect in the middle take tweezers to them please!  Eyebrows frame your face, some of you may only think of them as two clusters of hairs growing above your eyes, but they are more than that. We all have eyebrows (OK, I take that back, Whoopi Goldberg and Voldemort don't have any) and I believe that we should keep them maintained as no one really wants to have two caterpillars crawling across their face, right?!  Each of us have a definite shape to our brows and by just cleaning up the strays around the shape voila, you have a whole new face, see for yourself...

There is also hope for if you've over plucked...

And for men, jut keep it simple. You don't want to end up looking like this...
or this

The same rules apply for men and women, just keep them tidy.

photos: Julia RobertsSusan Boyle, Gwen Stefani