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30 March 2012

Getting My Legs Out

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I'm pale, there is no denying that.  I mean, I'm convinced that if I didn't have freckles I would probably look blue...I'm thankful for my freckles.  Here in the UK the weather has been gorgeous and I've gotten a little daring and have ventured out without tights or stockings on.  However given that I am a little pasty I have decided to try out something new (well, new for me) Garnier SummerBody.

Even though I am pale, sometimes I like to have a little colour...especially on my blinding white legs.  I don't tan. I have never been able to, I turn pink and then white again.  Sometimes I can get colour, but its really only visible if you compare my arms to my stomach but its SO subtle that you really would never know unless you were me.  A couple summers ago I discovered Loreal Sublime Bronze Self Tanner and rocked a pretty sweet tan.

Ok so I don't look that tan next to my cousin (isn't she gorgeous!!!) but this is bronzed for me!  I liked the Loreal but it was a bit gooey and messy for me.  Then I found St. Tropez and while I like the ease of this product I find it to be a bit drying.  I will probably use it more in the summer but right now I was something a bit more subtle.  

I'm really liking the Garnier lotion, its quite moisturizing, it has a lovely apricot scent and while over the course of the "tanning process" it does start to get that aroma but its not so strong that you fear people will know where you achieved that sun-kissed look from.  Sadly I didn't take any before and after photos to show you and to be fair, I've only been using it for 2 days now, but so far so good.  I have a little bit of colour without looking like it came from a bottle.  Basically right now I actually look like a normal colour as opposed to translucent.  I would recommend this if you want to add a bit of a tint to your legs while it's still only early Spring.  I promise you wont end up looking like this...


Ashley @ Hop Skip Jump said...

I think I need this ASAP! Does it get on your clothing if you wear pants or anything?

Jean said...

Not that I have noticed.
It comes in light and dark...I have the light one and have seen no transfer on my clothing.

Anonymous said...

I have a bottle of Jergens Natural Glow. I like the way it works, but I'm not really fond of the smell. I think I may start using it again though, I am day glow white at the moment.