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17 June 2011

Embrace Your Curves

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This month Italian Vogue placed three gorgeous "plus-sized" models on the cover of their magazine.

Adele's who's album 21 has been on the top of the charts for 10 weeks now, graced the cover of UK Glamour this month.
And Mad Men's Christina Hendricks was voted sexiest woman by Esquire.

Besides two of these stunners being fellow gingers, they all have something in common...they all have and celebrate their curves.  I think its phenomenal! While I may stand at a mini 5'1" (and 3/4's of an inch, but who's counting) I too am a curvy girl.  Mama's got herself some hips!  Sure, it may make buying jeans and trousers a bit challenging, I am happy to be a curvaceous women and it pleases me to see these (curvaceous) women celebrated for their beauty.  I think its about time women with "normal" shapes and sizes get recognized for their beauty. There will never be another Gisele Bundchen, while she is gorgeous, she is a freak of nature (I mean that it the best way possible.) It's time to get over the 6' tall, 100lbs woman.

Curvy women unite!

*photos from Italian Vogue, Glamour and Esquire magazines


Serena said...

I love Adele! She seems like such a solid person. :)
Love this blog, by the way - I found you through the cream cheese brownies :)

Jean said...

Thanks Serena for the comment. I'm pleased you like my blog and I hope you continue to read it and find it interesting.