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15 June 2011

Summertime And The Living Is Easy

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As I have stated, I am a redhead and I'm one of those girls who have been blessed with skin that turns lobster red in the Summer.  I have only a few options in the Summer sun, slather on SPF 500, wear clothing that keeps me covered from head to toe or stay indoors. Well, I don't know about you other fair-skinned beauties, but when the sun is shining I want to go out and enjoy it!  I have a tendency to run a little warm so completely covering up isn't an option for me...therefore bring on the SPF!  However, because I have to keep applying, I am that girl who tends to blind people with the whiteness of my legs (yes I AM that pale.)  So it leaves me asking the age old question...to self tan or not to self tan?

There is always the debate of whether pale is the new tan or if us pale girls should bronze ourselves up.  I'm not going to lie, I do love tanned skin, but for me it can be a right bitch to achieve, especially on a work day.  I know, I know, I could apply it at night, let it develop, wake up bronzed and head off to work, but I don't always think that far ahead.   The other thing is, how do you reach your back?  I have a bottle of the St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse that I do love but I can't figure out how to get myself in the yoga position I need to be in to apply it to my back.  My friend swears by the TanTowel but I like to see where the product is going to avoid any mishaps. 
This is me tan...

My tan is obviously being put to shame by the amazing natural tan my gorgeous cousin has, but with that being said, I love how it looks.  Bear in mind though, I wasn't working at this time and had plenty of time to carefully apply my St. Tropez.  

I'm not one of those girls who feels the need to be tanned 12 months out of the year. Unless I lived somewhere tropical where the sun was always shining, the St. Tropez will be put away for the winter months.  Come October I tend to look more like this...
Oh I wish!!!

But in all honestly, what do you ladies prefer...to tan or not to tan?

Photo credit Dita von Teese


Betty484 said...


I am a redhead from Germany.

I always preferred pale skin- I don't like tanned skin too much. If it comes naturally I am fine with it but otherwise I avoid to have tanned skin.

I love the way a red lipstick and a nice shade of blush looks on a pale woman.

I also enjoy african women wearing these make up.

But I don't like artifial tanned skin.

I know it's just my opinion and I don't want to make somebody mad.

Have a nice day.



Jean said...

Hi Tabitha,
Thanks for reading and following :)
I hope you enjoy it!