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29 June 2011

Thank You VERY Much

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This post is from my other blog but I thought I would recycle it as I need all the help I can get!

Fellow blogger friends, I have entered into this competition to win what would be the most amazing job at Very.co.uk and I am enlisting you to help me out!!!  If you happen to read my post about looking for a new job you will understand how much this means to me. The competition is based on votes as well as selection and it would be great if you could vote for me!!! Just click on the link, 'Like' the page and search for me then click on 'Vote'.  I don't really ever do this, but I would love to win this job. Its perfect for me and I would get to work with my friend Cate which is an added bonus!  So please please please...I'm begging (I know it isn't pretty) vote for me!

Vote For Me Here!!!

Search for Jean and you will find me....

Thank you!!!!

ps~ I know this is a very link heavy post :)