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01 July 2011

Give Me Hair

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Have you ever had a bad haircut?  A haircut so bad that you've wanted to shave it all off because you know being bald would look better than how your hair looks now?  I most certainly have! Except instead of shaving my head I went the other way and added more hair...hair extensions are my friend!  I've had a weave, I've had bonds, I've had micro rings and I've had clip-in's.  I love having long hair and extensions have made it really easy.  Obviously the clip-in extensions are the easiest to deal with as you can put them in and take the out at your leisure, but if you want something long term to help grow out that bad haircut or the awkward stage of growing out your hair, the other options are best. However I do have to tell you, there is some discomfort that goes along with weaving, bonding and micro rings.  You know that feeling when you have been wearing your hair up in a tight ponytail all day, multiply that by about 100 and it will feel like that for about 2 days after.  I helped ease that pain by taking ibuprofen as it does lessen the pain.  Also, it's so worth it (in my opinion) when you have beautiful mermaid hair! 

The less expensive option is the clip-ins and I have tried a number of different brands.  I've used HeadKandy, Halo and Luxy and I believe that Halo have the best selection.  I have had a hard time finding a place that sells extensions that have a variety of red shades and they have different lengths as well as human hair, synthetic hair and different textures as well.  If you want long hair but don't want to make the commitment or want something that is a little easier on your wallet, clip-ins are the way to go!

The great thing about human hair extensions is that you can treat them as if it is your own hair. You can dye it, use hot tools on it, wash it...amazing! And if you get great quality hair and you treat it with love, it will last you months.  I could not recommend doing this more!

Here I am through different processes...

Micro Rings