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06 September 2011

Approaching Autumn

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Autumn is my favorite season for some many reasons, one of them being because of the clothes.  I love the colours of this season, reds, oranges, yellows, browns, greens...all of them are colours that look amazing on redhead actually (yes redheads can wear red, contrary to popular belief.)   I'm also quite partial to the textures that come out this time of year, knits, tweeds, wool...heavenly. 

On my lunch this afternoon I popped into the newly opened Rugby Ralph Lauren shop in Covent Garden and died.  I am familiar with this shop having been in the one on University Place in New York City, but this is the first one in Europe.  The store is gorgeous, tartan walls, dark wood, a real rustic feel...and the clothing, oh the clothing.  Its is Autumnal heaven in one store. Here is what I am lusting after in there...

Are you looking forward to the autumn as much as I am?

photos: Rugby RL