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09 January 2012

I'm Back...With a Review

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Hello lovelies!!!
Sorry I have been away for so long, I hope to be more up to date with posting in the future.
But without further adieu...

A few months back I was working an event during London Fashion Week and met a representative for Sjal Skincare.  I had never heard of the brand prior to this event, but after sitting down with her and hearing all about the line, I was very curious.  Sjal is a gemstone and mineral skincare line and that alone can make any girl curious.  The demo their rep did on my hand was enough to make me want to throw down hundreds of pounds right then and there for the whole line.  My skin had this naturally radiant glow and left it baby soft.  Sadly for me Sjal definitely has a higher price point ranging from £50-£200 and my purse was/is wearing a little thin so I was not able to buy up the whole line right then and there, but I was fortunate enough to be given oodles of sample packets to take home.     

The products that stood out the most to me were the Balans deep pore cleanser and the Orbe eye contour creme.  The cleaner is a cross between a cream and a gel.  It doesn't foam up like a gel cleanser does but its a lovely texture and cleans the skin without being too harsh.  I myself have quite sensitive skin and had no problems with this at all.  The Orbe is by far my favourite product.  I am always searching for a good eye cream. This is emollient, hydrating and absorbs quickly so you can apply your makeup very soon after.  And most importantly, a little bit goes a long way.

Sjal is an excellent product line.  I highly suggest trying it out.  In the UK is can be purchased from Harvey Nichols and there are a few (but more than in the UK) locations in the US that sell it.