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18 January 2012

Product of my Life

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Hello my lovlies,
I know the title to this post sounds a bit dramatic, but I have to admit that as long as they keep making this product, I will keep buying this product! What am I talking about you ask, only the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment that's all.  When I moved to New York my lips became incredibly chapped, I don't know it if was out of nervousness that I kept licking my lips, if it was the change in water, different air...no idea. But on my 2nd day of living in New York I walked little behind into Sephora desperate for something that would help.  The sales associate suggested this Fresh product to me by telling me that it doesn't contain any petroleum which is the main ingredient in most lip balms...did you know that petroleum actually dries your lips out which is why you need to keep applying the lip product?  She also said that it's the only lip balm that she uses the whole tube of. I'm a lip balm-aholic and if its out there, I've probably tried it...however I was a convert as soon as I purchased this.  It's magical!

Only until recently did I find out that there is a Fresh shop in London. Prior to finding out about this shop I savored my Sugar, using it quite sparingly until I knew if I would be back in the States to stock up or knew my sister would send me a new one.  Now I feel more at ease knowing that I'm not completely without (I just need to have the funds to purchase a new one) but I still will continue to scrape out my Fresh Sugar down to the last bit.  At £20+ a tube, it's certainly not Vaseline!

I said it before and I will say it again...as long as this product is made I will keep on buying it.  

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Betty484 said...

I am not a lipbalm-aholic and I never use it until I really need it but I can easily understand that if someone has an addiction that she would pay more than other people do. It's the same for me with lipsticks. :)
Now in winter I have sometimes problems with my lips . Maybe I should try this one.

It's an interesting fact that they put an ingredient into something that does the opposite of what it should. :D Strage Industry.

Lovely post.