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09 March 2012

What Colour Are You?

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I was thinking about this as I headed into work this morning...if I was a colour, what colour would I be?

My favourite colour is green, as a redhead I think green is my colour. I own a lot of it and I love wearing it, but I don't think that I would be green.

I think I am yellow.  Here is why...

Yellow is bright and sunny. Its cheerful and positive. Sometimes it can be too much and sometimes when the colour is off its a big old mess.  It comes in many shades, sunflower, mustard, pastel, gold...just like me sometimes but yellow is not a colour for everyone. Yellow can make people look sallow, it can also really wash some people out.  While it is pretty, its not for everyone.  I kind of think I am like that.  While some people may like me, I'm not for everyone :)

For Christmas a friend bought me really cute Oyster Card holder, it's yellow with little birds on it.  She said to me, I saw the colour and immediately thought of you so I had to get it.  Yellow...at first I would have never pegged myself as that, but the more I think about it the more I think its spot on.

The good news is, I like yellow.  If we are talking trends, its pretty much always on trend.  Its usually so happy and bold.  It makes a statement and well...I like making a statement.

What colour would you be?