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06 January 2013

I Resolve to Wear Lipstick

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Hello Lovelies,

I love lipstick, I own quite a few tubes of them, but I rarely wear it.  On occasion I will rock a red lip, but more often than not I'm applying lip balm rather than lipstick.  However, I'm changing that. I am make 2013 The Year of the Lipstick.  I will wear and reapply lipstick at least 3 times a week...even on the weekends if I am so inclined.  Nothing looks better than a well polished pout if you ask me...well maybe a great pair of eyebrows, but that's just my sick obsession I have. 

Here is my lipstick collection. As you can see, there is definitely a theme there...reds or pinky nudes.

I think I need a good fuchsia in there. I've been eyeing MAC's Rebel for a while and have a lot of stuff to Back to MAC so I think I might branch out a bit. 

What are your thoughts on lipstick? Are you a lipstick or a lip balm girl?