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11 September 2011

MAC Fail

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I need to vent for a moment...I am completely fed up with MAC Cosmetics and am considering giving up shopping there from here on out.

Where do I begin?  I'll start with today, I went to MAC to use a gift voucher I was given for my birthday and it was a complete fail. This is the 3rd time I have tried to no avail to use this voucher.  Everything about my experience in there was terrible, from the lack of customer service to the disgusting customers who were "shopping" in there.  There was this one woman who kept grabbing doe foot applicator after doe foot applicator trying a lipstick and then just throwing the applicator on the counter...THERE'S A BIN YOU GROSS BITCH! But I digress.  I understand that MAC is a popular brand and that there are usually always people in the stores shopping but I am appalled by the less than helpful sales people.  I was once told that I needed to wait in line at the till to be helped.  Now this is where is all goes wrong...I don't know if you know this about me, but I used to work for MAC.  I worked at the busiest MAC in the New England area and we were very heavily staffed due to this. No matter how busy we were, there was always some who was able to grab a lipstick or an eyeshadow even if we were helping other customers. Not once in the 3 times that I have been into a MAC in the last month has this happened.

So then just a little while ago I thought, well I'll avoid all the hassle of going into another shop and I will use the voucher online.  No no, that's not allowed!  It can only be redeemed in store.  That, my lovelies, is bullshit (pardon my language) I mean, why bother selling the vouchers at all if you can't even use it online?!

MAC is a good brand, I like what they stand for and I like what they give back...but I'm slowly liking them less and less.  Not to mention I feel the brand is really starting to attract a certain type of person these days and I'm not sure I want to be lumped into that category.  I'm not knocking you if you like MAC, I have loads of MAC makeup (mostly because I used to work there) but I am honestly considering using what I have up and leaving the brand behind altogether!

I'm not one to get so worked up about something like this, however the last few experiences have been terrible and knowing where the brand came from I am really disappointed.  MAC was one of the first higher end brands of makeup I started using but I'm totally put off now.  And its times like this that I really miss Sephora!

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Elvira said...

I feel your pain. Not being able to use your voucher on line sucks! and the way you were treated in the store was appalling! I stopped purchasing MAC cosmetics after the whole Rodarte debacle! You know what? I have not missed MAC one bit. Nothing temps me from there. In fact. I don't even use my MAC products any more because I just feel that I have something better from other brands. Now I will say that poor customer service is inexcusable and sadly there are many brands, not just MAC, that have this issue...However. The poor CS stores seem to feature MAC more than any other brand. By not purchasing from MAC make them "Take Notice" HA! Hardly. But maybe if more beauty blogs and more readers of these blogs would say something, then maybe it might make MAC re-think...but I doubt it.

Jean said...

Elvira - Amen to that. I think their staff are getting a little too big for their britches. I also feel that MAC as a brand is taking advantage of their consumers. I was a tried and true MAC girl from the age of 18, 15 years later they have lost me. And dont even get me started on all their "collections" that they launch...