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26 October 2011

Yes, I Suck!

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I started this blog with as a new and exciting project. Blog about things that I like and what my opinions are on things. It started off with a bang, I had lost of ideas, I posted almost daily and then I hit a wall.  I lost my motivation. I felt I was losing my creativity and the posts became less and less frequent.  Its been over a month this I posted and I'm sorry, but I feel that stylistically I am stuck.  Its hard for me to blog about things when I don't have new and exciting products or clothing to tell you about, I'm broke and can't buy much.  I'm bored of my clothing and it only makes me depressed to look at clothing that I love...and cant afford.  I know I sound like a Debbie Downer, but right now I feel like I am a complete loser. 

I'm creative. I'm an actress, I'm a makeup artist, I love photography and crafting and all things pretty...but I'm stuck behind a desk at a boring office job that pays me pennies, and all for what?!  I need my mojo back.  I need a creative outlet.  I miss being me. 

Does anyone have any advice for a sinking artist?


Anonymous said...

From one redhead to another- you should do make up/hair looks! I just found your blog the other day when looking for "redhead smokey eye". :)

Jean said...

Mary- Thanks for the suggestions. I know I need to get back on it all. Ive been terribly lazy. Did you watch my youtube video on the smokey eye?

Anonymous said...

I did. The video came up when I did a google search. And you're in my bookmarks too!