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22 February 2012

A Striped Skirt in Paris

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Hello lovelies,

While curbing my boredom at work today I came across this skirt online at H&M and it got me thinking about my upcoming trip to Paris in May. 
Let's talk about Paris first...since I moved to London, well before then really, I have dreamed about going to Paris. Living in London, Paris is only a 2 hour train ride away, but for me it was miles away...in another reality.  I just couldn't afford a train ticket to Paris with the job I'm at.  However at Christmas, my wonderful (and stylish) flatmate and I exchanged our gifts and stuck in an envelope, inside a Paris book was a voucher for the Eurostar. He made it affordable and possible for me to be able to go to Paris! *soupir

Now back to the skirt...it's she pretty?! I want to get this incredibly affordable skirt for when I go to Paris. It's quite a bold piece and I have been thinking about what I could pair it with....here is what I've come up with.

I think the skirt speaks for itself but I didn't want to pair is with only black and white.  I do love the gold accents with the jewellery and the yellow (I thought about doing green also) in the scarf. What do you think?

Striped Skirt

Photos: H&M, Polyvore


Laura said...

so very cute!
LOVE it. AND I just bought that yellow scarf on Saturday for my trip to Puerto Rico. You have inspired me my friend!!